Side A

by Project S.N.A.R.E.



To ensure intended flow, all pieces on Side A are presented here glued together and uninterrupted. Titles and times:

Theme (0:00 - 0:55)
Intergalactic Perverts (0:55 - 1:34)
Sex-Inducing Syndrome of the Head (1:34 - 2:29)
Ranch Popes (2:29 - 3:23)
Heavy Cologne (3:23 - 4:43)
Ambient Decade [10 Years Encompassing] (4:43 - 5:26)
Insect Boy (5:26 - 7:21)
Continue On, Doris (7:21 - 8:45)
Gethard Hero (8:45 - 9:11)
Naked Daguerreotype (9:11 - 10:44)



(music: S.H.)

electric guitar, bass, and drums: S.H.
alien guitar: J.C.

Intergalactic Perverts
(music: J.C.)


alien guitar and vocal: J.C.
vocal: S.H.

Sex-Inducing Syndrome of the Head
(music & words: S.H.)

all the moons around your face banter and allege dismay

inundation burning in the fire
revelation congregation sighs
different when demanded from the bed
sex-inducing syndrome of the head

acoustic guitar, percussion, handclaps and vocal: S.H.

Ranch Popes
(music: S.H. - words: S.H./J.C.)

been bustin' heads on your new crutches
somebody told me you were aiming for the fence
staking out the imagery and treading through the fire
intelligence divine with the genetics compromised
take or leave melody, the steady beats and rhyme
experimental music's getting hotter all the time

acoustic guitar and vocal: S.H.
vocal: J.C.

Heavy Cologne
(music: S.H./J.C.)

acoustic & electric guitar: S.H.
bass guitar and drums: J.C.

Ambient Decade (10 Years Encompassing)
(music: S.H. - words: J.C.)

our blood is uniting us downstairs, my dear
say unto me
amid the accolades so bitterly spoken
cemented and synthesized
a congenial couple
lacing the necessary corsets
we backed out, finished the ride too slowly
(too quickly?)
oh, boy, look upon me for once
o ho!
wind soughing on
trees redecorated but impenitent
this hussy doesn't HOLLA
this bitch just oversubscribes
gets caramelized
giving retentively
let's talk about this

vocal: J.C.
drums and guitar: S.H.

Insect Boy
(music & words: S.H.)

infested city is my prison
the suffering holds me in its claw
innocent, neutral and imperfect
expected savior to them all

you need not see these darkened shadows
in brave protectors without flaw
silently waiting at my station
listening closely for your call

acoustic guitar and lead vocal: S.H.
vocal: J.C.

Continue On, Doris
(music: J.C. - words: S.H./J.C.)

"Break time...where's the party at?"

acoustic guitar and vocal: J.C.
loops, electric guitar, percussion and vocal: S.H.

Gethard Hero
(music & words: S.H./J.C.)

walking down rodeo drive
i think i may, i think i might
run into this WomanGuy
all right, dope tonight!!

electric guitar and vocal: J.C.
drums: S.H.

Naked Daguerreotype
(music & words: S.H.)

naked daguerreotype
flaunting the cycle right
nautical lasso life facing the dynamite

abandonment in good time...
friday confusion lights lord in a paper cup, flooding and all shook up


instrumentation and vocal: S.H.
psycho-delic laughter: J.C.



released August 24, 2009
Personnel: Stout Hardcell and Jesusa Crouton

Produced by S.H. at Abbey Road Apartments, Austin Texas USA

All pieces from Sides A-D are individually tracked and collected on the 2010 release "Cerebral Bookends", available on compact disc and streaming services.


all rights reserved



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