Side B

by Project S.N.A.R.E.



To ensure intended flow, all pieces on Side B are presented here glued together and uninterrupted. Titles and times:

Zero [1 & 2] (0:00 - 1:29)
Theoretically Happy (1:30 - 2:10)
Jawboned (2:11 - 5:32)
Sheeso-Sauree (5:33 - 6:22)
Manchaca Heroin Pub (6:23 - 8:53)
Pause Your List (8:54 - 9:35)
Light Cologne (9:36 - 10:57)



Zero (1 & 2)
(music: S.H./J.C. - words: S.H.)

somewhere in summer...not counting, though, when all age numbers add up to zero

electric guitar, bass, and vocal: S.H.
drums and vocal: J.C.

Theoretically Happy
(music: S.H. - words: S.H./R.N.)

paralyzed in outward life
defiled in my asylum
cold as stone on rocky road
that leads to certain dire
but as sunrays bend to autumn
i'm proceeding away
floating ennui down the stream

guitar, bass and lead vocal: S.H.
drums, percussion and vocal: R.N.

(music & words: S.H./J.C.)

we've been searching for our teenage angst
trying to revive that anger from back in the day
when we weren't so careful, polite or restrained
it seems our anger has been misplaced

hooked and strung by your line
torn and burned, hung out to dry
anger, guess i'm finding mine
doubt could only buy some time

all alone


intro guitar and bass, wah riot guitar, and vocal: S.H.
lead vocal, funk bass and rhythm guitar: J.C.
drums: R.N.

(music & words: S.H.)


acoustic guitar and vocal: S.H.

Manchaca Heroin Pub
(music & words: S.H. / J.C.)

swaggering on anthill, ferret the accompany
fed up omission dispute that only warps path towards
quarter grapefruit uncle stranded on the six nineteen
my independence from my heroin, this pub vision
sheath around said fellow with a speedboat tattoo flair
upset stability, resuming at redundance school
tapering the metal weaving streaker there
standard without seed, a hilltop without milk
deep immersed in pile pruning mascots frail
layer plastic tone, spread unlock a cyst
wedlock contorts the eldest banquet dare
baseline bravado madman copping airmail inbreed

drum machine, delay manipulation, and vocal: S.H.
acoustic guitar, snare and vocal: J.C.

Pause Your List
(music & words: S.H.)

known the same disarray
pause your list
stay for this

acoustic guitar and vocal: S.H.
vocal: J.C.

Light Cologne


instrumentation and vocal: S.H.
vocal: J.C.
vocal: R.N.



released October 9, 2009
Personnel: Stout Hardcell, Jesusa Crouton and Rozzy Neurotic

Produced by S.H. at Abbey Road Apartments, Austin Texas USA

All pieces from Sides A-D are individually tracked and collected on the 2010 release "Cerebral Bookends", available on compact disc and streaming services.


all rights reserved



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An ever-morphing experimental rock collective from Austin Texas USA.

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