Side C

by Project S.N.A.R.E.



...Through (0:00 - 1:56)
Do the Depression! (1:57 - 3:12)
Not the Same (3:13 - 4:20)
Dogs and Cats Don't Know What To Do On Escalators (4:21 - 5:37)
The Thing [That Stinks] (5:38 - 7:33)
WomanGuy/Unisexxx (7:34 - 8:09)
Your Love '98 (8:10 - 9:58)
Zero [3] (9:59 - 10:59)



(music & lyrics: S.H.)

there surrounded by the pious and befuddled
with cozy feelings of progressing in a circle
anxious redundance, such a sorrow and a pity
forever thirsting in the lonely desert city

once off the grid and detached from expectation
near-forgotten at the instant of abandon
i wandered freely inside the endless purview
residing here since the day that i passed through

R.N.: drums
S.H.: instrumentation and vocals

Do the Depression!
(music: S.H. / lyrics: J.C./S.H.)

are you sick of wasting time
dragging on the line
playing in the game
dancing with the lame?

it's easier to lie
down and never try
social scene disease
is cured so easily

forget about your friends
they're worthless in the end
just shut up in your room
and cultivate the gloom

get down!

S.H.: instrumentation and vocals
J.C.: vocals
R.N.: drums

Not the Same
(music & lyrics: S.H.)

lovely creature on my arm
killer smile and full of charm
ache is not allayed

jealous glances cross the room
but i'm merely making do
tonight in a charade

call me crazy or insane
my mind is elsewhere anyway
sweet but not the same


instrumentation and vocals: S.H.
vocals: C.H.

Dogs and Cats Don't Know What To Do On Escalators
(S.H. & R.N.)

piano: R.N.
dogs and cats: S.H.

The Thing (That Stinks)
(music & lyrics: S.H. & R.N.)

aught zero, under the sign of Aurora: a quite noble fabric was dismayed

touched by olfactory darkness
the air was bruised, and the sunshine repented
the wind apologized, and the molecules went on strike
for they had all bore witness to the lingering

the great lingering...
a brown notch etched in your very soul
an apprehension of what's underneath and inside

S.H.: instrumentation and vocals
C.H.: vocals
R.N.: drums

(music: S.H./lyrics: J.C.)

cheesecake factory
beverly and brighton
unisex bathroom

instrumentation: S.H.
vocals: J.C.

Your Love '98
(music & lyrics: S.H.)

inside the illuminated box
some feast their eyes 'til the hunger's lost
amusement there's an easy find
but a three-X girl ain't worth my dime

i don't care if the line is forming
or what they say about me
i just need what's worth having
it is your love around me

outside my door, the hunter fox
trolls through the evening stating cost
a number punched could change the night
but a one-time girl ain't worth my time

i don't care if the night is falling
or what they think about you
i just need what's worth having
it is your love around me

i don't care...

instrumentation and vocals: S.H.
vocals: C.H.

Zero (3)
(music & lyrics: S.H.)


instrumentation and vocals: S.H.
vocals: J.C.
drums: R.N.



released February 24, 2010
Personnel: Stout Hardcell, Jesusa Crouton, Rozzy Neurotic and Christy Harmonia

Produced by S.H. at Abbey Road Apartments, Austin Texas USA

All pieces from Sides A-D are individually tracked and collected on the 2010 release "Cerebral Bookends", available on compact disc and streaming services.


all rights reserved



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An ever-morphing experimental rock collective from Austin Texas USA.

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