Side D

by Project S.N.A.R.E.



Delay (0:00 - 1:25)
In Deep Swamp (1:26 - 2:48)
Original Version (2:49 - 4:06)
Poor Supuesto [Or, What's Behind Door #3?] (4:07 - 5:19)
Alluvion (5:20 - 6:13)
Vortex of Malaise (6:14 - 9:06)
Cloud Cover (9:07 - 10:59)



(music & lyrics: S.H.)

time blurs so very easily in recall
only essence remains and carries on
so these infinite chasm hours will soon seem small
the collapsed cages of memory, here then gone

in the delay...
slipping away...

here as an assembled one, frozen in the past we're from
fortress gates can never fall if lost days continue on
so in silence at the front, we plot the new direction:
imparting the chaos of our last secret emotion

guitar and vocals: S.H.
bass guitar and vocals: J.C.
drums and percussion: R.N.
vocals: C.H

In Deep Swamp
(S.H. / R.N.)


drums and percussion: R.N.
bass guitar: S.H.
synthesizer: J.C.

Original Version
(music & lyrics: S.H.)

gone in time, not waiting for them in the shifting night
waking slowly, one by one, they look but never find

quiet boy
still, alone
in dim light of a drifting home

latter child
solemn kind on the shipwrecked isle

far away from former sanctums and the obscure ground
in the heat of clear-cast daylight shining free, out loud

all that time
on bitter wine
hollow floor screamed through the spine

all the same
the endless stage
growing edge of a circle frame

guitar and vocal: S.H.
drums and bass guitar: R.N.

Poor Supuesto (Or, What's Behind Door #3?)
(music: S.H. & R.N. / lyrics: J.C.)

vocal: J.C.
guitar: S.H.
drums: R.N.


guitar: B.P.

Vortex of Malaise
(music & lyrics: S.H.)

synthesized and analyzed ideas (influences ring)
carefully negotiate upstream (acknowledge the strain)
unlocking the secrets of the crazed (darkened thoughts again)
evenings are devoted in this way (derailed luxury)
found aesthetic wonders in the brain (tapped discovery)
rescued from the vortex of malaise (results heard and freed)

"numbed eyes used to sun cannot see everyone..."

acoustic and electric slide guitar, drums, percussion and vocal: S.H
bass guitar: B.P.
vocal: J.C.
vocal: R.N.
vocal (ending): C.H.

Cloud Cover

guitar and vocal: S.H.
vocal: J.C.
vocal: R.N.
vocal: B.P.
vocal: C.H.



released July 26, 2010
Personnel: Stout Hardcell, Jesusa Crouton, Rozzy Neurotic, Christy Harmonia and Brain Pan

Produced by S.H. at Abbey Road Apartments and The North Forest, Austin Texas USA

All pieces from Sides A-D are individually tracked and collected on the 2010 release "Cerebral Bookends", available on compact disc and streaming services.


all rights reserved



Project S.N.A.R.E. Austin, Texas

An ever-morphing experimental rock collective from Austin Texas USA.

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