Side F

by Project S.N.A.R.E.



ATTIC POSSUMS (7:17-10:23)




within the echo chamber, as solitude commands
obscured by mourning laughter and overzealous plans
none can know
or ever sew
the billion lines of thread
in my head

the dreams of a frozen tyrant are melting through the sand
cloud light descends in phases, dissolving in his hands
as vision grows
the night will show
a puzzle climbs instead

oh, i can feel you there
breathing out into the air
alone inside eternity

oh, i can see your face
wandering eyes through empty space
unfathomed, you and me

so far away......


now what was that?
i was in the middle of quite a nice dream indeed
what is that sound that has awakened me from my slumber?
there it goes again
some type of rustling
perhaps a scampering
up in the attic

sometimes i think i hear creatures
like birds in the fireplace
but last week i started hearing things moving around up in the attic
and only at night or early morning when it's still dark
it could be there are any number of 6 to 8 legged creatures
but i don't believe insects feet are that big
sounds too loud to be squirrels
you know, it could be possums

possums are nocturnal
and i see them outside a lot
they glow under the light of the moon
scampering about and fro...
going through the rubbish
so it makes sense
in fact...eighty-five percent sure that those are possums
how they're getting in, i don't know

all kinds of things run through my mind
like...are they purposely making noise to bother me?
they'll bring their friends
some will stay
some will go
running their little errands and doing what they've got to do
i wonder if should go and check out the attic
and shoo them away
...tell them they've simply got to go

that means that i got to get up
put on me shoes and me trousers
it's not really something i want to do
perhaps i should let them be
and go back to sleep
everybody's got to have a place to stay

yes, definitely
attic possums

or maybe raccoons


THE ANDROMEDA SONG (words & music by S.H.)
Stout Hardcell: all instrumentation and vocals

ATTIC POSSUMS (words by R.N./music by S.H.)
Rozzy Neurotic.: vocals
Stout Hardcell: piano, scratching and left ang angs
Candy Cross: right ang angs

Featuring Scott Hopkins, Ryan Nelson and Courtney Czar.
Recorded, produced, mixed and mastered September '14 - June '15 by SH @ The North Forest in Austin Texas USA


released July 1, 2015


all rights reserved



Project S.N.A.R.E. Austin, Texas

An ever-morphing experimental rock collective from Austin Texas USA.

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