Side G

by Project S.N.A.R.E.



POWERHUG (1:53-4:32)
THE RISE OF THUH (4:33-5:48)
RESISTOR (5:49-8:01)
ROCK ☆ (8:02-11:36)






i know you're feeling blue
that color wears you too
so lucky to see me
my medicine is free


warmth of a human touch
it always means so much
let's form a lock of love
entwine and feel the buzz


sneak attack
on your back
hear the crack
feel the snap
get so high
from your spine
feels so fine

your smile transforms the day
chasing bad storms away
oh darling friend of mine
i'd squeeze you anytime



forever in the fight
through arrows left and right
charging in history's gaze
one moment from glory

the time is now
clear a path as we summon
the rise of the...

(original title: "Nonplussed Avenger")

head feeling light
chest growing tight
not gonna sleep tonight

corruption attack
national hack
collapsing in black

confusion dismay
beginning today
oh no not again

up on their feet
out in the street
resistance unleashed

poison is reigning from outside the fringe
our future is stolen but i will avenge


out of the blue in a misspent youth
a song in my heart reveals the truth
once obscured, the path comes into view

the future rings from a sunny day
it feels uncertain but sounds okay
my world is young and i just want to say

i'm on a roll

shots in the dark, hitting the mark
ceiling clouds rise above the spark
smudges form on deafening abstract art

worlds collide in a heavy state
in my ears is the sound of fate
am i a god or am i just insane?

i'm on a roll

(you've been fading out every night
falling further behind the hype
as boasts swell over silent sounds
who do you think you're fooling now?)

up on a stage with new songs to play
one face or a million, it's all the same
it's my birth but it feels like judgment day


Stout Hardcell - instruments and vocals
Brain Pan - crack guitar on "Powerhug"
Candy Cross - backing vocals on "Powerhug", belligerence on "Resister".
Ion Land - More belligerence on "Resister"

Featuring Scott Hopkins, Brian Purington, Courtney Czar and Ian Lund. Words and music by SH. Recorded, produced, mixed and mastered Mar 2016-Oct 2017 by SH @ The North Forest and Dual Pools Studio in Austin Texas USA.

Cover photo by Justin Leach.

For Matt Leach.


released October 17, 2017


all rights reserved



Project S.N.A.R.E. Austin, Texas

An ever-morphing experimental rock collective from Austin Texas USA.

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